Create WordPress website 3 steps

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 WordPress is the best platform to make a site; it is so easy and gives many Features. WordPress provides a lot of themes and plugins, which is the main feature of WordPress. Due to many themes and plugins, as we want or need. We Didn’t require coding knowledge. We can make a WordPress website in 3 easy steps.

create WordPress website 3 steps

Make a WordPress Website in 3 Easy Steps

Do you know we can creat wordpress website with Drag and Drop Feature ?

Let’s Make a WordPress Websites in 3 Easy steps

1. Domain and Hosting

In our first challenge to make a WordPress website is choosing the right domain. Because domain represents your whole site. and It also gives your business a brand name. It should Be easy in pronounce and typing. It also should be meaningful and related to the vision of your website.

You can buy a domain from many sites, especially Godaddy is the best marketplace of the domain. However, when you Buy A hosting, Many hosting companies provide a free domain with their hosting packages.


Buying hosting is Buying Server, which runs your website and stores the data of the website but there are many hosting provider companies which offer you different hosting packages, and they have their speciality.

Some hosting companies provide the best cloud hosting service Digital Ocean; some provide the best WordPress managed hosting service like kinsta & inmotion hosting. It would be best if you bought a hosting which is secure, fast and excellent customer service.

For the starting, I strongly recommended Bluehost because Blue host provides cheap, faster and secure hosting service, and it is the best WordPress hosting company.

For Manage Hosting

kinsta Hosting
inmotion hosting

for cloud hosting – Digital Ocean

2. Installing WordPress

In many hosting providers, there has an automatically WordPress installed. If not installed you can easily installed therethrough file manager.

3. Install Required theme and imp pages.

WordPress has many themes. Different companies provide a different template.

For themes

There have many templates where you can choose whatever you like.among them; some are the best SEO friendly and easy to customise. Selecting the best model is the first step for your plan. Site template represents your site Beauty. The first impression is the last impression, so your first impression should be the best.

Top 5 themes for WordPress

  • Studio-press (professional)
  • Astra ( recommended for beginners bloggers)
  • Elegant (easy customise)
  • Newspaper By tagdev
  • thrive themes

Imp Pages

About page: you need to make a page which describes yourself, website and your Business. From about us page people know you and started to trust you. So trust is the main secret of success online Business.

Privacy Policy: if your website sells online service, product. Privacy policy page is the critical page which provides rules and regulation for customers, and it also protects from any policy, customer issue. If you are a blogger, it may be optional

Now, successfully you create your WordPress website. You can watch or read many extra tutorials to make your website unique & Quality

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