How to start own online strategies 2019 make money!

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Hey ! when we have free time in our mind we thought that ” I have to do something big for my life or make money through an online in an easy way” Hence there have many ways where we can do something for yourself as a boss. We get full freedom for our talent or small business. We do not need significant investment or partnership. Let’s start online in three ways.

1.Make A website

  “Make a website” means that you do not require any coding knowledge and Big investment. For a starting, you only spend some little money as your pocket money. Nowadays there have many platforms through you can make a website like Blogspot, WordPress, tumbler,opencart, and so forth If you do not have money or start own blogging site, then I recommended Blogspot . and then you have a little money you want to make best and professional website I suggested WordPress where you get many features for your website. so I strongly recommended WordPress for your website

2. Make a Decision

 You should decide on what kind of website you want to build. From WordPress, we can make many types of website. What types of passion did you choose, it depends on yourself ?. Especially I recommended two examples of the site where you can earn money,

  1. E-commerce website
  2. Blogging website
  • Top cool tips to start blogging website
  • How to make eCommerce website through word press

Blogging sites

Blogging sites are perfect for starting to share your knowledge idea, an opinion in the online world. It is easy and perfect for a starter.

E-commerce site

From an e-commerce site, you can create an online store. If you didn’t have your product, you also could build an online store with other products. read here

3. Become regular Learner

In a starting, It Becomes to tough. You didn’t lose, and start to try to solve your problem yourself. You should Collect Knowledge and go to practice. In the present, the digital world has a lot of tuff competition. Where you should become ready with your knowledge and marketing capacity.and marketing capacity .

Find your future challenge and search for the problem. Collect resources for your work. read and flows blogs site likes TheGoogleidea


From somewhere I read ” Do not work for money, make your work by money”. So Do not think Big when you are a starter. Work hard and give regularly. You will get success automatically

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