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INPS Staff

INPS Staff

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Mar 30, 2020
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INPS Tokens
INPS Points
This Rules Will Applied From July 25

We added INSP points and INSP Tokens In our Credit System through where You Can Earn Money easily
Points are the official virtual currency rewarded on incomeproshoutr.com for being helpful
1000 INPS Points = 1$

User Must Be 3 Weeks OLD To Monetize and Start earning

How can I earn INSP Points and Tokens

  1. Earn 1000 INPS Points per Valid referral
  2. Earn 50 INPS POINTS Points per new thread(In Making Money, Web helpdesk, Scam report Section Only)
  3. Earn 20 INPS Points per new reply
  4. Lock tutorials, people must pay Points for access
  5. Earn 2000 INPS Points for reporting unsolicited private messages
  6. Redeem codes to earn Points for free
  7. Participate in raffles to win Points
  8. Complete jobs and deals from Marketplace that pays in Points
  9. Earn 10% Referral commission per each sale you refer
  10. 🥇🥇Get 10 INPS Points For submitting Each resource
  11. 🥇🥇Get 5 INPS Points for Downloading Each resource by others(Only For Trusted Uploaders)
  12. 🔥🔥 Get 500 INSP Points for reporting Scammers & Leechers(You have To Provide Proof)
  13. 🔥🔥Get 100 INSP Points for Introducing yourself In Introduction Section
  14. 🔥🔥 Get 5000 INSP Points On Buying Domain Hosting Through Our Supportive Links & recommendation + you will Be awarded By Top & Vip Members with Banners
  15. More ways to earn coming soon.
🔥 You can Earn Money By posting Referral/Affiliate Blog Posts. Now We Allow Affiliate/Referral Posts Read More Here 🔥
🔥 You can Earn Money Through
Marketplace Section Where You Can Sell Your Services, Freelancing & Many More.🔥

Payment Method: Paypal, Skrill More Coming Soon


RULES & Cashout Policy

1. What is the minimum to redeem?
Community choice for minimum cashout is $2USD.

Note payment should be Done Through only VISA. You need to request a payment system that accepts VISA.
We are Not responsible For the transition Fee

2. Can I buy Points?
Yes, you can buy. Prices below:
3000 Points = $5

5000 Points = $7
7000 Points = $9
15,000 Points = $20

30,000 Points = $40
Do you need more? Contact @INPS Staff
. We accept Paypal, Skrill,Ss

3. When I receive my payment?
Payments are sent by the 25th of each month.

4. Can I transfer Points to other members?
Yes! You may use the Donate function for this.

5. Why sometimes when I log in my balance is lower?
If your new thread or reply is deleted you lose Points too.

6. Why my new thread or reply was deleted?
a. Duplicate threads are deleted (before posting a new thread please search it on the forum)
b. Copy/paste contents from other sites are deleted.

7. Why my account was banned?
We've detected you copy/paste content from other sites & Violation Of Our Guidelines.

8. How many accounts can I have?
You are allowed to have one account per household.

9. Can I lose Points for inactivity?
If you don't log in at least once per month your balance will RESET to ZERO.

10. Do you have non-paid sections?
Yes, the following sections have been excluded from paid to post:

Community( including all Section)

11. Is there a posting limit?
You can post 3 posts + 3 threads per hour.
After you reached this limit wait one hour and post again to get rewards.

a. Threads and replies must be genuine opinions and have at least 100 characters to receive the rewards.
b. It is a member's duty to check this page from time to time for possible updates to maintain community health.
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